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Hello Diego,

Looking into the source code for Lua Sockets I find a truly
sophisticated "mini" library that could be of general use to
other module writers. For example "almost" all of auxilliar.[h,c]
source code could be generalized for reuse. 

I am still trying to understand the design behind the implementation.
I will be happy to document the API of this "mini" library and
maintain it under the same licensing terms of Lua. To this end do
you have any design documents or any other information in the
design and implementation of the Lua Sockets that would help
me in skinning the Lua Sockets so that a reusable library gets

My interest in such a library is to ease the effort in creating
a robust and light weight MBUS ( binding
in Lua. I believe I will be able to reuse most of the code
in Lua Sockets. I am kind of undecided on whether I should
extend and hence branch of from Lua Sockets or should I try
to integrate the MBUS implementation into Lua Sockets. 

I am interested in hearing your thoughts. 

Lua Sockets is one of the best add-on to Lua that I have studied
so far in terms of design and documentation and the clean
coding style. You will always have my respect. Great job!

-- Vijay Aswadhati