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>     /*v.a* bug: "udp{master}" is not a registered class of "udp" module
>       so aux_checkclass fails as expected. Fix is to change this string
>       to "udp{unconnected}".

Thanks! That was a bug due to cut and paste from tcp.c, sorry about that.
:o/. I will update the alpha packet with a fix for that.

> I know the author has mentioned that the documentation will be updated.
> I am curious in this instance which will be fixed, the documentation or
> the code.

The idea in LuaSocket 2.0 is that all functions return nil in case of
error followed by an error message, or a non-nil value in case of
success. The non-nil value can be whatever useful value the functions
return or 1 if there is no interesting value to be returned (as is the
case with setpeername).

Mixing return conventions was a source of silly errors.  Because of this
new policy, a few functions were changed since version 1.4.  The "send"
function is another example of such functions. It looks like I forgot to
update some of the examples.

> Finally, let me know if this is not the forum to post messages of this
> nature.

I don't think there is a problem to send bug reports to the list,
because it tells everyone that might use the library about a possible
problem. If the bug involves a greater discussion, we can take that
discussion out of the list.

If there are too many bugs, than  perhaps you should send the reports
directly to me. That way we don't pollute the list and, more
importantly, I don't lose the respect of the other readers. :o)