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Hi there,

on the subject of IupLua, I am also playing around with it, and like
it very much so far. There is one thing that strikes me as odd, though:
if there is a runtime error in the IupLua script, the interpreter
exits silently. This is on Windows. I tried to encapsulate my main
program in a pcall, but found out that the main lua script continues
running after I call show on any dialogs. That is, it does not wait
for completion. (This also has the side-effect that if I start a
script using "iuplua5 myapp.lua", it terminates immediately)

A simple loop along the lines of

while dialog.visible do

seems to work, but eats CPU cycles, if "something" is essentially
empty. What I would like to have is a way to block the lua app until a
certain window is closed, without eating up the CPU with a tight loop
(or at least something like "sleep()"). Does anyone have any idea on
this subject? 


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