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Also since IUP also contains the Lua source, and you want to make
IUP a module, at least one of you will have to concede...

Agreed.  I imagine a modulized IUP would use the luacheia build
system, and clearly it would need to link to the same Lua libs as the
core.  AFAIK no luacheia developers have looked at this yet.  I did
some wxLua work though so the issues are probably similar.
The reason I haven't looked into IUPLua yet is a lack (?) of examples, but maybe I haven't looked hard enough... With wxLua the benefits are instanty visible, it comes with a nice Lua-Editor as default and many nice GUI examples. Maybe some obvious usage-examples of IUP/Lua would be helpfull...


Note: we would love it if somebody volunteered to adapt IUP as a
module for luacheia!

(Ditto for debugging the wxLua module, adding other modules, etc!)

* rewriting wrapper names (for example, SDL.LoadBMP instead of SDL.SDL_LoadBMP)

Yup, noted.  Basically this is up to whoever the module maintainer is.
If it's me, I generally try to change as little as possible, and set
myself up for as little maintenance work as possible, if I'm working
with an existing lib.

In the case of SDL, Asko Kauppi is in charge of the module now.  When
I made a Lua4 wrapper, I used the double namespace because tolua
didn't have an easy way to remove the prefix.  Plus symbols like
SDLK_* would have needed extra attention.