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Hi all,

We mac people sometimes have the short end of the stick (not intending to
start a flame war!  :)

I've discovered that short comments in lua, ala:

-- this is a comment

...don't work properly on the mac.

That's because the compiler is looking for a new line by searching for
"\r\n".  Whereas on the mac, a new line is simply "\r".

So lua like this:

-- comment here


...outputs nothing since in the compiler's pov there is no new line and so
the *entire* script is effectively commented out!


Surely, this has been encountered before on this list; so I thought I'd ask
if there is any facility within lua to address this.

Yes, I know I *could* manipulate the text myself, prior to compilation, but
I'd prefer a more elegant solution.  Especially since our app is cross
platform and we'd like to interchange scripts seamlessly.  And on the mac a
"\r\n" shows up as a new line followed by a box (unprintable character)...

Anyone solve this before?


SpriTec Software