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>Has anyone ported wxLua over to OS X?

I don't think so, though there was a person supposedly working on it.

> It seems do-able, since both Lua and wxWindows are available on OS X.

There should be no major problems with running wxLua on OSX. The issues that would come up would probably lie in the wrapper files which can be modifed to account for any differences between the gtk/msw and mac versions of wxWindows. You will also need to tweak the ifdefs in the files in the Library/ directory.

> But, has anyone done it and have some advice? A sample CodeWarrior
> project file?

Making the project files would of course be the other issue. Unfortunately I don't have osx or CodeWarrior for that matter.

If you want to give it a try:

1) Build lua as a static (shared) library and build the lua exe
2) look at the Import directory and examine the Makefile there
   run "lua -f wxLuaWrap.lua" you now have wxLuaWrapGTK.hpp, the wrapper
   file, lets assume that the GTK version is close enough.
   When you compile this file (included by wxLuaInternals.cpp) you
   may get a few errors (note: that they may appear as thousands, but
   could simply be the result of one). As a first cut try to rem (//)
   out pieces that don't work in the .i wrapper and rerun wxLuaWrap.lua.
3a) Compile the files in the Library/ dir as a static (shared) library.
3b) or not, you'll just compile these files together with the Standalone
    files and skip making this library.

4) Compile the files in the Standalone dir to make wxLua and link
against the lua lib, wxWindows lib, wxWindows contrib stclib, fllib, xrclib.

See what things in the Library dir need to have their #ifdefs changed. Perhaps you could get away using
#if defined(__WXGTK__) || defined(__WXMAC__)
since OSX is closer to unix than to msw.

Good luck,
   John Labenski