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UriBoy b wrote:

  lua calls the C and C++ functions side of the application to apply the new configuration right? is it possible that the original program / application does not have C and C++ functions in it? if it is, what does lua do about these cases?

What do you mean? Is the application written in another language? If so, one must write a binding of Lua to the other language.

  and im sorry, not that im pushing my luck, but are steps or something similar that lua follows to call out C and C++ functions to apply the new configurations?

All the C functions to be registered in Lua must have the same signature and must follow the same protocol, as specified in the language reference document.

  last one, if you are making a totally new program / application using lua, how does luac compile the whole thing? i mean, is it still a given that C and C++ functions are present and can automatically be called out and thus making the new application work (assuming no errors were committed)?
   Luac only compiles the Lua sources, not the whole application.