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>Modern cpus now have ints, floats *and* vectors as integral types.

Unless they've changed that since MSVC++7 and the P4, vectors still fall
into the derived composed type category.  Vectors in the sense of 3D
positional data are not directly supported on the processor, which is what
integral types represent (data types handled natively by the processor).  If
you look at the reference info, you'll see that all Intel/IBM compatible
processors/coprocessors handle ints and fixed/floats natively.  SIMD stuff
allows the appearance of processing a vector in one bite (not byte) but it
(should) only work if you are using a scalar (as was used in an example
earlier - vector vec * 10, where each member of the vector is multiplied by
the value 10) - hence the acronym SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data).

I could be's happened before.  :)