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> -----Message d'origine-----
> De :
> []De la part de Dimitris P.
> Envoye : mercredi 25 juin 2003 16:19
> A : Lua list
> Objet : Re: catching lua variable set and get value
> > any sugestion?
> > 
> > the metatable have some features allowing the 
> > catch of some events, but they dont seem be useful
> > to solve my problem...
> > 
> > thank u..
> Actually afaik metatables are the only way to do what you want. 
> You can set a metatable with appropriate __index and __newindex 
> evnets for the globals table, then each time a *new* variable 
> gets read or written to your callback will be called with the 
> needed arguments. That *new* part can be a problem though if you 
> want your vars to hold values(in lua), they must be nil. A way to 
> resolve this is to keep a proxy table, that is a table with all 
> the vars(like the global one) where the vars actually have 
> values. The the global table is uused to intercept the getting 
> and setting of values and the proxy table is used to store them.
> Hope that helps,
> Dimitris

Thank You..

I was missunderstanding the __index and __newindex events

Using your suggestion I get what I was looking for.. :)