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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:

The book is almost ready (as always?). I estimate one more month to
finish it all. What is missing?

One problem with "selling" it now is that soon it will be out-dated by
the final version. Maybe I could track buyers so they could have free

How soon? If it's only a month or two, I wouldn't sell it until it's done and have free updates anyway (for the errata and clarification of things - if you're gonna do this). otoh you will get feedback on things that are wrong before the final release and it'll give you time to fix them.

Another question: how much would be a fair price for an eletronic book?
(and unfinished! But then you could be buying in advance the final

I don't know but I hope there's a paper version. £30 (about $40) is all I'd pay for a book now though, computing texts in general are too expensive!

Another question: should I put the book free and ask for donations,
instead of selling it?

I've noted that when authors do that, people won't donate. otoh, people *will* be put off by an expensive text.

(BTW: those willing to pay a little to help Lua please do not forget
John's lottery.)

what's this?