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Max Ischenko wrote:

>function xxx()
>	SandBox['DATE'] = 1
>	DATE = 1
>	SandBox['Date'] = Date
>	local outcome = sandbox(SandBox, f)
>	return outcome
>Function f, called by xxx, refers to global variable DATE.
>The problem is that SandBox.DATEE is not used (and __index is not
>called) when f is evaluated so I have to assign to global DATEE before
>calling f. 

Do you mean DATE instead of DATEE? Could you please show f? Better still,
a complete (but short) program that fails? The program below works as expected.

function sandbox(env, f, ...)
 local g = getfenv(f)
 setfenv(f, env)
 local retval = f(unpack(arg))
 setfenv(f, g)
 return retval

function f()
 return DATE

function xxx()
 SandBox['DATE'] = 20
 DATE = 1
 print(sandbox(SandBox, f))