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Hi all (especially Nick Trout and Jon Belmonte who have been trying to drag
me to use lua for quite a while now),

Well, version 5 has finally got the features I need it seems, so I'm going
to give it a go.

I may have read the documentation wrong, but I don't like the way lua lets
all lua co-routines/functions have access to the global scope.

Is there a way to have multiple global scopes, so I don't have to worry
about script writers breaking other people's data or accessing stuff they
shouldn't?  I'd like to keep these "global" scopes local to each object (and
have multiple coroutines running within the same "space" on an object).

Also, if this is possible, what kind of overhead (memory footprint/creation
time) does the lua_state structure have? (I presume I'll need multiples of

Bear in mind this stuff might be in the documentation and I just haven't got
there yet, be kind with me. :-)


Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.