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Marcus, you just have to install MSYS or cygwin. If you don't want anything
fancy, download MSYS, it is very small and provides the basic build
environment, so that you just have to type 'make'.

Ignacio Castaño wrote:
I was trying to compile Lua 5 as DLLs with MinGW (from
Dev-C++) to be used in Delphi and C.
The main issues were:
- Windows XP shell, which was unable to execute the
- Discover the precise options I would need (hunt
makefiles, config, build and the wiki)
- I wanted to learn how to do it by hand, without

Finally I compiled Lua as follows. If anyone spots an
error, please tell me. So far, it seems to work. I guess
I should put it on the wiki if it's correct.

set CFLAGS=-O2 -Wall -
DLUA_USER_H="\"../etc/luser_number.h\"" -DUSE_FASTROUND

cd src

gcc %CFLAGS% -I..\include -c *.c

cd lib

set PIPE=-DUSE_POPEN=1 -Dpopen=_popen -Dpclose=_pclose

gcc %CFLAGS% %PIPE% -I..\..\include -c *.c

cd ..\..

gcc -shared -Wl,--export-all-symbols -o bin\lua-5.0.dll

gcc -shared -Wl,--export-all-symbols -o bin\lualib-
5.0.dll src\lib\*.o bin\lua-5.0.dll

gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin\lua.exe -Iinclude -D_POSIX_SOURCE
src\lua\lua.c bin\lualib-5.0.dll bin\lua-5.0.dll

gcc %CFLAGS% -o src\luac\lopcodes.o -Iinclude -
DLUA_OPNAMES -c src\lopcodes.c

gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin\luac.exe -Iinclude -Isrc
src\luac\luac.c src\luac\print.c src\luac\lopcodes.o
bin\lualib-5.0.dll bin\lua-5.0.dll

The examples I found on the wiki were much more complex,
I feel I may be missing something...

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