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>> If I wanted to lear Python, I'd learn Python.  I always indent my code,
>> simply because it makes it more readable.  Not because I have to.  Sounds
>> more like people wishing to make others learn to do things their way, not

>No body said you should learn something. Indeed, you probably won't.

Now there's a snide remark....

Can anyone explain exaxtly why any method of code block indication is better
than any other?  And how, specifically, is making whitespace a significant
syntactical element an improvement over any other more readily identified
method (by this I mean, how do you visually distinguish a tab character from
a series of space characters in your IDE or editor)?

Next - 50 pointer here - why should Lua's syntax be changed to resemble
Python?  What justification for the effort is there?  Why don't you do it
yourself and call it PyLua or Luathon or whatever?

Finally, for the Grand Prize - What is the answer to Life, the Universe and