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>Hi Andre,

Hi Peter.

>For static members you can use the setfenv trick.  Here is an example,
>but beware I didn't test this as much as I usually do because I have a
>unch date that I'm late for.

Will have a closer look on that...

>I recomend using parent:doSomething(a, b, c) for explicitly calling
>inherited methods.

You mean parent.doSomething(self, a, b, c)? Two things bother me with this
aproach: having to name the parent class which make code harder to mantain
and having to type self over and over... I could type inherited(self,
'doSomething')(self, a, b, c) to get rid of the explicit class name, but
it's terrible to read and makes me write self twice for each inherited
method call.

Andre de Leiradella