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Friday, June 13, 2003, 11:23:41 PM, RLake wrote:

Roop> In any event, the original post had to do with Python's *syntax*, not its
Roop> *semantics*. Here I am prepared to take a stronger stand: I don't like 
Roop> indentation as a syntactic element. It makes it too difficult to rearrange 
Roop> code in a text editor.

Roop> By the way, speaking of indentation, I think I tried to survey the list on 
Roop> this quite a while ago, but I don't recall getting much feedback. The 
Roop> question is: how do you prefer to indent "if" statements:

Roop> --Alternative 1:

Roop> --Alternative 2:

Roop> --Alternative 3:

Roop> --Other alternatives ?

That reminds me old discussion of pascal or basic users whether to
capitalize keywords or not. Having no case sensitivity for keywords
gives more freedom to users. And for example, if you make some changes
to the language and restrict users to lowercase keywords only, many
will complain.

The same situation is here. If the language is indentation sensitive, it
restricts you to only one indentation style whether you like it or

This is not so bad as it seems first, just different sources for this
language will look more alike and there will be less coding style