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*to throw more heat on the rocks - i'm a Finn after all..* ;)

I've lately experimented with the idea of compiling Python extension modules (that there's lots of) as Lua extensions. This is still in very infancy - it's called 'hypton' within the gluax releases - but it could just as well work.

The benefits:
- proven code from the Py community
- possibly 1-to-1 API with the Py community

To make this clear, you wouldn't need Py at all for anything. Just rip the modules you like, recompile (for lua) and off you go..


Nick Trout kirjoittaa perjantaina, 13. kesäkuuta 2003, kello 22:44:

The interpreter does its best to do the right thing. You can
use as many spaces as you want, and as many tabs as you want.
You can even mix them, and also exchange them (to exchange
you need 8 space tabs).

If you read the Python style guidelines by Guido you aren't supposed to
mix tabs and spaces for obvious reasons.

If you aren't going to take any other language features, other than
indentation, it seems a little misleading to associate the project with
Python? Isn't the only thing you'll gain that you don't have to type in
do...end ? You are free to indent how you like in Lua.