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> This thread pops up on this list now and then. The 
> __cplusplus thing has not been done so far and it is my 
> impression that some influential people on this list are 
> allergic to this idea. It's like when someone is allergic to 
> apples, this fruit becomes a big "NO, NO" in their mind 
> regardless of what anyone else might think of apples. On the 
> other hand, ones that hit into this wall, quickly get through 
> and stop fussing about it any more leaving the rest of us 
> with an impression that ultimately it is not a big deal. 

An interesting analogy. Equally strange is the fact that I was eating an
apple when I started reading it! I suppose I could be seen as one of
those who are "allergic". However, I am not allergic, it is a conscious
decision based on Lua's design goals. If the Lua authors had caved into
every little thing that had been asked for on this list (and there have
been a lot) you simply wouldn't have this nice little language. You have
to have a certain amount of discipline when managing software projects.

> Once  in a while, however, another newcomer trips on this issue, 
> the thread starts over again, the same suggestions are made 
> and ignored (!), the problem gets fixed for that newcomer 
> again and it stays calm until someone steps on it again. 

The real issue is how do you get people to read the FAQ and the wiki.
People come to this list all the time without seemingly having read
either. There is plenty of source code to demonstrate the common
questions and details about compiling with C++. Perhaps more work still
needs to be done.

> I think the main benefit of not adding the __cplusplus thing 
> is that it virtually guaranties that there will always be at 
> least one never-to-die topic open for a debate on this list:) 

Like Python's indentation? I grudgingly admit that (ignoring the
principle that Lua is ANSI C) it would be nice to quiet newbies who
don't have the experience to recognise the problem. People have just
become used to that code appearing in C libraries and I'm sure a lot
don't even know what extern "C" does or why it's there.