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At 12:22 12/06/2003 +0800, you wrote:

It seemed to work well and all, but unfortunately the output file it
generated was zero(0) bytes... it didnt contain anything.  I checked the
program and lua_dofile () returns success, so there isnt a problem with the
*.lua files (maybe).  All the required lua libraries were called (baselib,
iolib, strlib), so it couldnt be that.  Whats the big difference between the
internal version and the *.lua files, besides being internal?

I'm at a quandary now.  Anyone can lend me a little insight? :)

I had the same problem with the included script files (they are all enbeded on tolualua.c actually). Here's what I added to the Makefile to get it to recompile when I change a .lua file:

SCRIPTS = array.lua \
basic.lua \
class.lua \
clean.lua  \
code.lua  \
container.lua \
declaration.lua \
define.lua \
doit.lua \
enumerate.lua \
feature.lua \
function.lua \
lua2c.lua \
module.lua \
operator.lua \
package.lua \
typedef.lua \
variable.lua \

tolualua.c: $(SCRIPTS)
        tolua -H tolualua.h -o tolualua.c tolualua.pkg

right before the 'OBJS' line. That'll rebuild 'tolualua.c' everytime you change on of the script files, and compile everything in the binary. As you can see, it uses tolua, so you need to keep a copy of a working binary. I don't know about the modifications you made, but that should make it easier to test it.

hope it helps.. bye..