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Just a thought,

It feels to me that "Programming in Lua" may not be such a hot title for this book. Perhaps the stress should be on extending applications, scripting and gluing rather than 'programming'. At least I would suggest to investigate if the above mentioned areas and such may have enough market support as some of that stuff is really hot from my experience even in non-technical people's minds. If I saw a book called "Programmin in XYZ" I would probably think "Yet another one, big deal!" One could argue I am not curious enough, but than most people have problems on their hands to solve and not just learn myriads of programming languages as a recreational activity. I think putting main Lua strengths in the book title may generate different reaction to it.


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Really?!?  I'm surprised. :o

They'll be regretting that decision later, hopefully.. ;)

Roberto Ierusalimschy kirjoittaa maanantaina, 9. kesäkuuta 2003, kello 

>> Is there anything the rest of us can do about it [...]
> Try to convince a publisher to publish the book ;) O'Reilly replied
> that "At this time, we're not interested in pursuing a title on Lua. We
> feel the market is not large enough to support a book." I am trying now
> Premier Press, but no answer yet...
> -- Roberto