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John Passaniti wrote:
>This is illegal in Lua 5:
>	t = { 1="hey", 2="ho" }
>It must be written like this:
>	t = { [1]="hey", [2]="ho" }
>The question is why.  I assume there is some ambiguity that is being
>addressed here, but I can't see it.  

Do you mean to use just number as indices? If so, I think there's no ambiguity.
But if you mean to use any expression, then the second syntax is cleaner and
easier to parse. Otherwise, consider this:
	x = 23
	t = { x = 100 }
What would this mean?  Which field will have value 100, t[23] or t["x"]?

So, the [...]=... syntax comes to address simplicity and generality.