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The last time I checked the book it was very out-of-date, and that was before Lua 5.
We all know how difficult writing a book can be. Specially if you're writing a book about something you're constantly changing.
Not to mention that Roberto is a full time professor.

I know a manual is not a book, but why would the Lua 5 manual not suffice for your company?
I used the manual alone to learn Lua 4, it was quite easy, and I was just an undergraduate student without experience with embedding scripting languages. I believe your company workers can do very well. The Lua 5 manual has been improved and is free, you can print it if you wish ;)
You could attach some good articles/samples from the Lua website/wiki to the printed manual, also.


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On 8/6/2003 at 20:07 Asko Kauppi wrote:

>I'm going to be spreading Lua within our company and having the "book"  
>(as a real book, not a pdf) would really, truly, be welcome.
>Is there anything the rest of us can do about it - or is Roberto's book  
>never to be a 'real' book as it seems. (Sorry Roberto, don't want to be  
>pushy but.. you know)
> kirjoittaa sunnuntaina, 8. kesäkuuta 2003, kello 19:37:
>> I was there!
>> People were impressed by the size of the language and by
>> its uses in games.
>> It was very nice to me to be there, altho I already knew
>> the language! :)
>>> O Roberto vai dar uma palesta sobre Lua no dia 7/6 no I
>> V Forum
>>> Internacional Software Livre in Porto Alegre.
>>> Roberto is going to talk about Lua at the IV Forum Inte
>> rnacional
>>> Software Livre in Porto Alegre in southern Brazil (it w
>> ill be in Portuguese).
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