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  It seems that your message was bouncing in the mail server for a while...

Indeed, very strange. I see this happen for the 1st time...

Great news. We once build a Visual LED editor, but after a while many users think that it was easier to write the LED code instead of using the editor, so it was discontinued. IUPLUA has the same kind of use, so we build a simple interface to prototype dialogs writing code and testing, it is the iuplua executable.

Though it is indeed very easy to describe dialogs in Lua, I prefer the
graphic interface - it's faster, it's harder to make an error, and it
also helps to avoid the manual (most control properties are

We also developed a Visual Lua application, but we did not have the time to go on with it. I can send you the code so it can make things easier for you. (Note: it uses Lua 3.2)

That's interesting, especially if it is written in Lua.

Since IUP uses abstract layout a visual interface editor is something not immediate. Once you got yours running I will be glad to take a look.

I'll post it after I move it to IUP 2.0.

Best Regards,