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>2. It tries to use global variables from lopcodes.c. As I pointed out last
>time, you can't export static data from DLLs on EPOC (this used to be a
>problem inside liblua) and so this fails.

As mentioned in INSTALL, luac needs to compile lopcodes.c with LUA_OPNAMES
defined and so it cannot use lopcodes.o from the core Lua library. You
can just #include lopcodes.c in print.c. In any case, luac uses global
variables from lopcodes.c, but these are not in a DLL at all. In this respect,
lopcodes.c is just like print.c, but I'm probably missing something.

>Really, it would be nice to address 1, so that if
>LUA_API is correctly defined, luac will build as is.

You mean, add something like LUAC_API for the functions below?

(These are the only functions from the core that luac uses.)