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I'm pleased to announce that a full-featured APT-RPM extension
interface is under development, and ready for testing.

There are many interesting tasks that can't be achieved easily using
just the command line APT tools. With scripting capabilities, more
advanced upgrading setups can easily be done, and it's possible to
customize operations to your taste.

A number of different languages have been evaluated before Lua[1] was
chosen as the scripting language for APT-RPM. It was chosen because
it's not a general purpose language. Lua is very small, fast, and
perfect for embedding. No other language compares to Lua in that

These and other issues, as well as complete documentation about
the APT-RPM extension system, are available in the following URL:

And there's a snapshot version of APT-RPM, including the extension
system, available at:


Thanks to the Lua folks!


Gustavo Niemeyer

[ 2AAC 7928 0FBF 0299 5EB5  60E2 2253 B29A 6664 3A0C ]