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As for docs on the interpreter, I don't know about detailed docs but I learned this from Roberto Ierusaslimschy's book "Programming in Lua" (available in PDF). It was a fantastic intro to Lua for me. I probably would have dropped it without this book but I know I will be using a lot now that I have read this book.

If you don't have it, I would be glad to e-mail it to you.


intern_number_1 wrote:

When using the lua interactive interpreter I have a problem where I can not do anything that needs to span multiple lines.

E.g. the following would not work

if X > Y then
  print("X is greater than Y")

Is this possible to do with the interactive interpreter? If so what do I need to do different than usual? Also if there was somewhere I could find some general documentation or a help file on the interactive interpreter that would be great too. I looked on the lua homepage, but couldn't find it; maybe I'm just missing it though.