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> It worries me that some people seem to have a negative impression of
Lua 5
> so near to it being officially released. Someone even said that we have
> "seriously damaged Lua functionality"! Sure, Lua 5 is different from
Lua 4.
> The metamethod scheme is not the same as the tagmethod scheme, but it is
> simpler and more flexible, even if sometimes you have to use proxy
> for doing some stuff that was easy in Lua 4. Lua 5 was the outcome
of a long
> sequence of work versions of Lua 4.1 and has gone through alpha and
now beta
> stages. I'd think major design flaws would be found by now :-(

Maybe I shouldn't have said "seriously damaged Lua functionality"...
If metamethods are so few because there is no other way(to implement
more and cleanly) then proxy tables etc. will do.It just seems strange
(design-wise)that there should be a metamethod only for getting and
setting a table for the first time etc. which forces people to use
workarounds to implement common stuff.