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From: "Rob Kendrick" <>
> But I doubt most people wanting to write a webserver
> in Lua would want virtual servers.  In fact, I would have thought most
> servers would only need to be so simple as to only implement HTTP/0/9,
> where the only method that exists is GET.

No, no.
I - for one - would very much like to build a webserver in Lua that can do
most anything a C-based server can, and more .and also less ;)

The flexibility of an scripting language can be a great benefit in
flexibility, as HTTP might only be one of many protocols such a server might
Take the Zope httpd. It does HTTP, ftp and more.

I'm willing to make some allowance re performance (I'm not planning on
beating a dedicated static file server), but I'm searching for flexibility.
Re-configuaration at runtime is my main goal.
And I know it can be done nicely in an bytecode interpreted language,
Pyhon's 'Medusa' or PHP's nanoweb are best examples for that. (One might
also count the various httpd impl. that exist for Java)