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Hey, sorry if this gets asked a lot (I imagine it might) if it gets asked a lot just point me somewhere it's been asked before and I wont bother the list with my question. I'm making a general purpose game engine in C++ and I'd like to have a way for users to run scripts. Since I'm having a hard time putting the full idea into words I'll show you an example in psuedocode.

int x,y;
/*perhaps something is needed like engine->ExposeVariable(x);*/

if(x > 0)
    y = 1;
    y = y*2;

I apologize for the lack of detail in my question, but as I said I'm trying to make a general purpose engine, I started to look into lua a long time ago but never went far, and I'm under the impression Lua would be a good choice to integrate with the engine.

If anyone can tell me if this is even possible I'd be glad to hear it, and suggestions on resources are more than welcome.

      James Turk