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> > Dynamic content should do the same _if possible_ (obviously very dynamic
> > data must change its date each time). It may also wish to return a No-Cache
> > command if the data always changes each access and becomes out of date
> > quickly, or if the data is sensitive and should not be cached.
> IIRC, all content should be able to reply to a HEAD request.  Also, I
> seem to remember that if you want to have virtual servers (and therefor
> HTTP/1.1) you've also *MUST* support chunked encoding, according to the

No, virtual servers exist in 1.0 also (the Host: header). You don't need to
support 1.1 encoding schemes for that.

> In fact, I would have thought most
> servers would only need to be so simple as to only implement HTTP/0/9,
> where the only method that exists is GET.

The problem with HTTP/0.9 is there is no MIME type (or any other header)
in the reply, so you have to rely on file extensions and you don't have
niceties like Last-Modified and Content-Length and so on.

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