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On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 04:31:50PM +0100, Martin Spernau wrote:

> Say, do you happen to have any (Lua) source code you could share?

My talker is distributed under a slightly modified MIT license.
Although I'd like to make it quite clear, that the source is the most
ugly, repulsive, badly designed, and in places buggy chunk of
unadulterated vomit ever to be placed on Earth.  I must get around to
rewriting it properly at some point, rather than writing something
simple, and months later bodging it to do more than was ever intended...

It's available off somewhere.  There's
also an aging version in Debian Testing.

There's also a live version at, although it
gets a little quiet these days. :)

Rob Kendrick                             
PGP signed or encrypted mail welcome                         Key ID: 3651D17A