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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> Found it at .
> --lhf

Wow, now that was fast :)
Thanks for the pointer!

Rob Kendrick wrote:
> One problem you might come across is the want to use stat() or similar
> (ie, to get date stamps for files so you can put the last modified
> header in, and respond to if-modified-since requests). There isn't a
> stat() like thing in ANSI C AFAIK, so you may have do some work in the C
> domain anyway, perhaps quite a lot to get acceptable performance. You
> may also run into the problem that you can't select() on normal Lua file
> handles (I think) which would be great for this, too. Perhaps also a
> little sendfile() magic?

Oh, yes, that's true.
But I'm actually not so much looking at static-file serving but dynamic contentcreation / delivery (content might come from a LuaSqlite db or such)
Say, do you happen to have any (Lua) source code you could share?

Thaks folks!