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Peter Hill:
> I disagree. In C "lvalues" (ie, variables) have a type but *so do*
> "rvalues" (ie, objects). Though rvalues do have a short lifetime (such
> that they may only exist on the stack) they are objects independent from
> variables, carrying their own type.
> And exactly where do they carry it? How do you figure out what the type of
> an arbitrary C value is? They "carry" a type during compilation. But that
> is not the same thing.

At runtime the type (for variables _and_ objects) is stored in the code that
accesses the data rather than in the object/variable itself.

And stack objects carry exactly the _same_ amount of type information that
variables do, so if you say that variables (lvalues) are typed then you must
also say that objects (rvalues) are typed as well.

Peter Hill.