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Yes, that's the approach that Perl.NET takes. You could look at what they
did as a potential model for wiring things up.

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> It depends on what you're trying to do. If you're trying to build an
> interpreter that runs in .NET, then yes that's of course possible. And
> it's possible to write some glue that allows you to call to and from that

> interpreter (as you can call to and from C in Lua).

This is exactly, what I'm trying to do. I don't want to port Lua to .NET
... just be able to call .NET code from Lua.  The calling convention
which Lua (by default) uses for callbacks poses a problem, though, as it
prevents me from passing delegates to Lua ... which is the only method I
know of how to call back a C# function. So, I wanted to mention this to
the Lua community ... I can easily compile a Lua DLL, which allows the
passing of delegates by changing the calling convention to stdcall.

Somebody mentioned the existance of LuaPlus per private mail. It has a
managed wrapper of their enhanced C++ Lua interface, but I just wanted
the bare bones Lua API (for starters).