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["pion1013 <>" <>]
> Hi,
> I'm trying to port Lua 4.0.1 to GP32, a handheld game machine based 
> on an ARM chip.
> The entry point of any program written for GP32 with it's SDK is 
> Main, not main or WinMain. The problem is, if I want to use any of 
> the lua-calling function (say, lua_open()), the compiler gives me an 
> error, saying "Undefined symbol main (referred from kernel.o)."
> I'm suspecting Lua is reffering to main() function. Where should I 
> look into, and what should I change? Please help.

Lua doesn't make any use of the main() symbol.  Sounds like something
in kernel.o wants it though.  Is that part of the system library for 
this GP32 thing?