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>* Do you use tolua? 

No, mainly because it requires manual work after the automatic conversion,
and this work has to be manually repeated when the source code changes,
making project control awkward; moreover, a 1:1 conversion is not always
the best solution.
This of course mainly applies to using tolua to interface to C/C++ code
that I write (therefore subject to frequent changes), not to existing
stable code.

>If not, do you use any other wrapper?

I use my "glua"; I guess I'll have to rewrite it for Lua 5.0 (adding a
couple more functionalities I have in mind) when I'll be able to devote
time to interesting things like Lua (a long time from now, I am afraid, due
to work problems - or lack of it).

>* Do you use tolua for C or C++?

I mainly need to interface to plain C, but a fully-automatic C++ interface
could be interesting.

>* What features do you miss in tolua?
>* How could tolua be improved?

(caveat: I only used tolua 4.0 alpha; I am definitely not a tolua expert)
The ability to read header files as they are, putting directives and extra
information (e.g. things to ignore, to rename, etc.) in a separate
configuration file; not having to edit (and maintain) a copy of the
original header file would be a very useful improvement, as it would allow
complete separation between C/C++ development and Lua interface
specifications for the same piece of code.