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I think it is a bug, the statement handle should be closed
and there is no way the gc can do it in this piece of code.

>I'm using luaSQL to manipulate data in Excel tables. I am using a 
>modified version with SQLDriverConnect() instead of SQLConnect() like in 
>the original code, that enables me to access Excel tables directly 
>without the need for DSN database management.
>When writing lots of records to an Excel sheet using a simple "INSERT 
>INTO <tab> (...) VALUES (...)" I found the process to stop with an ODBC 
>error message "Addtional tables couldn't be opened" [this is the 
>translation of the original error string from german DLL version]. This 
>happens after approx. 660 records.
>Looking into sqlExecute() I found that the handle that is allocated at 
>the beginning is not freed when the function returns the number of 
>records changed rather than a results table (cursor). Inserting 
>SQLFreeHandle (see below with '!!!' comments) fixed my problem. Is this 
>a general problem in the package and the de-allocation of the handle is 
>also missing at other places? I assume in cases where a cursor object is 
>returned, it is the right way to let the handle live.
>     Last lines in sqlExecute():
>     /* if there is a results table (e.g., SELECT) */
>     if (numcols > 0) {
>         return push_cursortable(L, cdata, hstmt, numcols);
>     /* action (e.g., UPDATE) */
>     } else {
>         SQLINTEGER numrows;
>         ret = SQLRowCount(hstmt, &numrows);
>         if (ret != SQL_SUCCESS && ret != SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO) {
>             ret = fail(L, hSTMT, hstmt, fatal);
>             SQLFreeHandle(hSTMT, hstmt);
>             return ret;
>         }
>	/* !!! THIS LINE INSERTED !!! */
>	SQLFreeHandle(hSTMT, hstmt);
>         lua_pushnumber(L, numrows);
>         return 1;
>     }
>Thanks for help.
>Herbert Leuwer