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I'm using luaSQL to manipulate data in Excel tables. I am using a modified version with SQLDriverConnect() instead of SQLConnect() like in the original code, that enables me to access Excel tables directly without the need for DSN database management. When writing lots of records to an Excel sheet using a simple "INSERT INTO <tab> (...) VALUES (...)" I found the process to stop with an ODBC error message "Addtional tables couldn't be opened" [this is the translation of the original error string from german DLL version]. This happens after approx. 660 records.

Looking into sqlExecute() I found that the handle that is allocated at the beginning is not freed when the function returns the number of records changed rather than a results table (cursor). Inserting SQLFreeHandle (see below with '!!!' comments) fixed my problem. Is this a general problem in the package and the de-allocation of the handle is also missing at other places? I assume in cases where a cursor object is returned, it is the right way to let the handle live.

    Last lines in sqlExecute():

    /* if there is a results table (e.g., SELECT) */
    if (numcols > 0) {
        return push_cursortable(L, cdata, hstmt, numcols);
    /* action (e.g., UPDATE) */
    } else {
        SQLINTEGER numrows;
        ret = SQLRowCount(hstmt, &numrows);
        if (ret != SQL_SUCCESS && ret != SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO) {
            ret = fail(L, hSTMT, hstmt, fatal);
            SQLFreeHandle(hSTMT, hstmt);
            return ret;
	/* !!! THIS LINE INSERTED !!! */
	SQLFreeHandle(hSTMT, hstmt);
        lua_pushnumber(L, numrows);
        return 1;

Thanks for help.

Herbert Leuwer