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>I've not noticed this before, but the 4.0 refman.pdf is unsearchable. It
>looks like it's been converted from a Postscript file. I've just looked at
>5.0 alpha refman.pdf, and that is searchable. Is it too late to reconvert
>the 4.0 manual to a searchable .pdf? I don't have distiller, otherwise I
>would offer to do it.

It's not a matter of distiller, but how the Postscript version was
generated: it used Type 3 fonts (ie bitmaps) instead of Type 1 fonts
(ie outlines). Our fault, sorry. To make a searchable PDF we'd have
to regenerate the PS version. It's probably just a matter of digging
out the correct version of the TeX source, but I'm afraid we're
concentrating our efforts now in releasing 5.0 beta (real-soon-now :-).