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--- In lua-l@y..., "Pyrogon Public" <public@p...> wrote:
> > Hi,....
> > ok to be precise, using the extern "C", I get a simillar but 
> > message:
> >  "unresolved external symbol _lua_open"
> > whereas without the extern "C", I get:
> >  "unresolved external symbol "struct lua_State * __cdecl 
> > lua_open (int)" (?lua_open@@YAPAUlua_State@@H@Z)"
> Okay, not to be indelicate -- but are you sure you're linking to it?
> Specifically, if Lua is in a separate .DSP, do you have your
> application's dependency checked to make sure it's dependent on 
> DSP file?
> Brian

Wow, how embarassing. I had the dependencies the wrong way round. I 
need some sleep. :)
Thanks a lot guys!!!!