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If the Lua project is also compiling as C++ (e.g. /Tp or /TP switch) then you'll also need to put the extern "C" in the lua.h.  The simplest solution, in my opinion, is to put the #ifdef __cplusplus/extern "C" {/#endif bit in "lua.h"
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From: [] On Behalf Of Keith
Sent: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 11:08 AM
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: problems linking with lua...

I am having problems getting my project to link with lua.
I keep getting unresolved extern error messages no matter what I do. "unresolved external symbol _lua_open"
I am using MS VC++ 6.00 and have set my project setting as I normally do to link in statically linked libs.
I have also tried using:
extern "C"
    #include "lua.h"
but that does not resolve the issue.
Any suggestions???
Thanks in advance
Keith A. Taylor