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Hello - first post. It seems there are a number of issues being solved currently in Lua that I've already solved, so I thought I'd give a reference to my source code in case it is useful.

My language SuperCollider uses a real time garbage collector based on the Wilson, Johnstone algorithm which is based in turn on Baker's treadmill algorithm. It is quite specific to my language but might be useful as a reference.

My language is used for real time audio synthesis control. It is like Smalltalk - it has classes - and constant time message lookup (not hashing - it uses selector based row displacement from a paper by Driesen and Holze IIRC). It has real honest-to-god closures and coroutines (that take and return arguments upon yield calls).

I would be interested in moving to a prototype based language if there were one available that were fast enough with a real time GC, closures and coroutines. So I hope Lua could move in that direction.

The language currently builds on MacOS X only.
The code can be obtained from sourceforge via: (There is also code in that repository for a real time audio synthesis server which you might not be interested in).

--- james mccartney   <>
SuperCollider - a real time synthesis programming language for the PowerMac.