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Tomas wrote:

	I've been using this version for a year or more and it is
working really well.  Unfortunally the documentation is not complete
already...  If you want a kind of "enterprise edition" (a distribution

Yes, I noticed that. At least some kind of apidoc would be nice. For example, I didn't understand how to set a cookie that expires an already set cookie (user-logout).

that includes some extra libraries and a new Makefile) you can try my
independent work on this:

	It lacks documentation too, and I chose wrong names for the
extra libraries ('MD5' and 'Poslib' while I should have chosen 'md5'
and 'poslib') and you may find many other problems: the package was built
just to automate my own installation process...  I would appreciate any
I'll look at this till the weekend.

Regards, Markus