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> I'd like to use cgilua for my homepage. I've found to versions:
> and
> The second one seems to be an independent implementation, am I right? I 
> ask this because the second one seems to lack some libraries 
> (exspecially 'system') which would be a great help for me - do I have to 
> use cgiLua 3.2 if I'd like to use mkdir, chdir and so on?
	The second isn't an independent implementation, but THE new
implementation.  The new design tries to cut out what is not essential.
But you can use other libraries for these things, like Poslib.
	I've been using this version for a year or more and it is
working really well.  Unfortunally the documentation is not complete
already...  If you want a kind of "enterprise edition" (a distribution
that includes some extra libraries and a new Makefile) you can try my
independent work on this:

	It lacks documentation too, and I chose wrong names for the
extra libraries ('MD5' and 'Poslib' while I should have chosen 'md5'
and 'poslib') and you may find many other problems: the package was built
just to automate my own installation process...  I would appreciate any