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> how can i get a list of members from a tolua object.  tolua.foreach
> only shows me the members that were added via lua. for example, i
> have a .pkg file that looks like:

this is a bit tricky to do.
you need access to the registry (a special lua table not directly accessable
by lua).

here's how you access this table from C:

static int GetRegistry(lua_State* pLuaState)
	return 1;

lua_register(pLuaState, "GetRegistry", GetRegistry);

now you can get that table in lua scripts. i've used it to add a function:

-- tolua info helps dumping info on tolua objects = function(x)
	if x then
		if type(x) == "userdata" then
			x = tolua.type(x)
		local i = tfind(GetRegistry().tolua_tbl_itype, x)
		if i then
			print(x) -- print class name
			-- and all member functions
			foreach(GetRegistry().tolua_tbl_class[i], function(i,v) if type(v) ==
"function" then print(":" .. i .. "()") end end)
			-- and all member variables
			foreach(GetRegistry().tolua_tbl_class[i][".get"], function(i,v) print("."
.. i) end)

(talking about Lua 4.0 and tolua 4.0a here)

i hope this helps,