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>I think a lot of fragmentation problems are down to the allocation
>algorithm. There is some useful info here and I think this allocator
>looks pretty good. I think I pulled it off this list a while ago. Its
>fast and should be good for a scripting system allocating and
>deallocating little blocks of similar sizes.

We'd be very interested in knowing whether simply replacing the system malloc
and friends by dlmalloc (the one at the URL above) helps. It's difficult for
us to test memory allocation pattern in typical, real-life cases. So, someone
with memory fragmentation problems or suspicion of such, could you please try
dlmalloc and see if makes any difference? Please report here. Thanks.

Another thing: Lua typically does not deallocating little blocks of similar
sizes: strings and userdata allocated their "data" arrays right after the
"header" part.