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Greetings all.

I recently downloaded Lua's documentation and the book "Programming 
in Lua". I liked everything I read but I need some advice.

I've been using Visual Basic to develop windows applications for 
several years. I don't really like the language -- its clunky and 
tedious and doesn't promise much in the way of cross platform 
development. Added to that is the simple fact that I don't much like 
being handcuffed to Bill Gates, I've been looking for an alternative.

Lua is everything good that Basic isn't for stand-alone development, 
but I haven't been able to find an simple integrated IDE for Lua. It 
could be that I'm just looking in the wrong places, so I'd appreciate 
any advice or guidance.

A simple wxLua IDE would be wonderful. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for your comments.