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Very cool. All the "make install" would have to do is some simple
substitutions in a template script, to give the directories where
things are actually being installed to (as seen in config). Or, this
could be done via a lua script, or have make install install a
lua.config file that was a simple table that lua-config could source
to get the info, etc etc.

The only thing I'd suggest adding would be a --version flag to
facilitate knowing what version is actually installed, and perhaps
something like --extra-libs to get other libraries that need to be
linked in, such as -lm (or have that appended to --libs output for
ease of use).

Both of these things are likely not required for the debian release,
since version numbers are included in lib and include directory names

> Please find attached my hot-off-the-keys initial stab at one which
> once tidied will make its way into Debian...
> I imagine something similar would be suitable for release in Lua.
> I've written it in lua, partly to prove a point, and partly to
> prevent dependency on any particular other scripting language.