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Philippe Lhoste <> wrote in

Additional note on my rant: I *like* the new syntax, since it is simplier.
I prefer to type "lua foo.lua t1 t3" rather than "lua -c -f foo.lua t1 

> BTW, if I go in picky mode, I would frown at the following lines:
>   status = handle_argv(argv, &interactive);
>   if (status == 0 && interactive) manual_input();
> handle_argv returns either EXIT_SUCCESS or EXIT_FAILURE.
> I believe you should write "if (status == EXIT_SUCCESS" instead, to be 
> consistent.
> End of picky mode :-)

Actuall, status can be EXIT_SUCCESS, EXIT_FAILURE, or the result of 
luaL_loadfile or lua_pcall... So I suppose it is safe to assume EXIT_SUCCESS 
is always 0 on all systems. Seems like a widely used convention anyway.

Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist