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a little while ago I decided that I needed to profile a rather large Lua
project I was working on, and me being me, I decided to write a simple
pure-lua profiler object, because the program was running all the time, but
it was easy to ask it to load extra lua code and run it.

I have placed the profiler here:
(you can read the code nicely formatted here:)
and a test program here

Was I daft? Is there a much better way of doing this in pure lua? Did I
waste my time, is there a better one out there, or, is this useful, and
would people like me to continue to develop and refine it?

One note though: it was written for Lua 4.0 so at times it uses %blah type
upvalues -- as such it prolly won't work with the 5.0 alpha/beta stuff



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